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Top rated garage door openers

03/27/2014 Back To Blog

Whether you are looking to buy a new garage door opener to replace an old one, or you're a first time buyer, then it's best to check the features of different openers before buying one. Although it's common to choose the same brand of opener you've used before, perhaps there are better ones in the market now. Garage door repair Lakewood experts recommend reading up on the top rated door openers in the market today. Here are a few of them:Garage Door Top Openers

Genie PowerLift Excelerator

This can be used for doors up to 7.5 feet and the screw lift mechanism is in use here. Other exciting features of this opener that works on rolling code technology include infrared beam, manual release option and automatic interruption among others. This opener operates smoothly and quietly as there are fewer parts involved.

Chamberlain Premium Whisper Drive

The best feature of this opener is that it works even during power outages by using a battery back-up system. It can open very heavy doors like the carriage-house style ones without any noise. In addition to using rolling code technology, infrared beams offer an extra layer of security. This is also easy to use as it comes with a keyless entry system and two three-button remotes.

Craftsman 3/4 hp chain drive

With additional 1/4 horse power, the Craftsman's motor is generally more powerful than traditional motors and this means that the garage door opens and closes faster than the others. The control console is able to detect motion and the opener lights are turned on as soon as you enter the garage. The keyless entry system also speaks of much convenience.

Chamberlain Power Drive 1/2 HP

This chain drive opener is easily to install and can be used on a 7 feet door as well. Its homelink is compatible and features infrared beams, manual release option and posilock theft protection system, which ensures that the door is locked after closing.

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