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Garage Door Repair Lakewood
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We are proficient contractors in overhead garage door maintenance and installation and promise to handle urgent issues

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Garage Door Repair

Our business is top in all electric garage door repair services and guarantees excellent routine service, thorough troubleshooting and proper parts replacement

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We are aces in garage door opener replacement, experts in all brands and have the means to fix opener problems with perfection and speed

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Garage Door Repair Lakewood

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There is not a garage door issue that we cannot resolve. We are dedicated to serving our clients in Washington fully. Our garage door repair services are based on extensive professional expertise and many years of experience. We use the best equipment and spare parts.

Some of the brands we provide service for: Genie, Liftmaster, Sears, Craftsman, Allister, Chamberlain, and more!
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Lakewood, Washington
Zip code: 98499

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We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
Lakewood's garage door service provider offering full service for all types of repair for different brands of garage doors.

The power of Garage Door Repair Lakewood is reflected in its services. The excellence of work provided by our technical teams is indicative of their capacity to take care of garage door issues as well as of the dynamics of our company. We know from the very start that garage door repairs need experienced technicians, first rate repair parts, and proper equipment. Consequently, we focused on these factors and established a strong company with the proper infrastructures, which are capable to support the needs of all clients in Washington. Many factors determine the good operation of each garage system and it's our job to ensure that our clients have the right electric systems and receive exceptional services whenever there is need of our intervention.

Garage Door Repair Lakewood, WA

We fix all garage door complications and weaknesses. We repair loose cables, adjust the sensors, and replace the springs. We do everything necessary in order to ensure that the whole cycle of the door will be done at the right pace, accurately, smoothly, and properly. The door must open and close all the way and the noise must be kept to a minimum, natural levels. The best news is that our teams know exactly what needs to be done in order for each client to have a strong garage door system. Our devotion to our profession from the very early years and our passion for these extraordinary systems keeps growing stronger every day.

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Garage doors are not the same as they used to be decades back. They follow the needs of modern societies for higher resistance, greater security, and enhanced safety and so are we! Materials get better and people have greater options in terms of designs, styles, and types. Once upon a time wood swing hung doors were the only choice. Today, consumers can choose up-and-over doors, old style carriage doors, roll up, and overhead glass doors. Steel now prevails and electric openers have become the center of attention for all current garage systems. Their development is rapid and fascinating and certainly there is a reason for that. Their progress follows the interests of modern people and often manufacturers manage to offer them exactly what they want before they even ask for it.

  • How many times haven't you driven back to the house to check that you have actually closed the overhead door? Genie has come to make your life simpler and easier. With the new Closed Confirm remote, you will know whether the door is closed or not and you won't have to turn the car back.
  • The internet gateway device, which allows people to control the opener from any distance, was designed by Liftmaster for those who are hardly at home. If you travel a lot or spend way too many hours in the office but still want to check the status of the garage door, this system is your best chance.
  • Keypads or remotes? That's what many consumers often ask and we are here to assure you that either system would do a fine job for every family. What makes our intervention useful is that we can:
  1. Explain the differences not only among remotes and keypads but also among clickers
  2. Listen to your needs and make recommendations
  3. Offer you options
  4. Order the new access control system from any of your favorite manufacturers
  • Nowadays, garage door openers are strong, convenient, and they can be mounted even against the wall. The greatest thing is they have improved their safety features since they integrate special photo eyes and a reversing mechanism, which controls the closing and opening of the door.

The expert knowledge of the teams at our Garage Door Repair company in Lakewood will always be useful. Whenever you need to pick a new opener, find the right accessories, want opener maintenance, and any other service related with the electric garage system, we will be there. Programming your Genie intellicode remote requires pressing the program button at the opener and then the Learn Code before pressing and releasing the preferred remote button twice. The LED will flash once as an indication that the remote is programmed. Although we always program the clicker of our customers, we also show them how easy it is to program it themselves in case of emergencies. We also point out that they must stand about five feet away from the opener unit so that the transmitter will have full communication with the receiver.  

Is there an emergency? You can count on our teams. Is the remote lost and you need to erase it? The procedure is simple since the program button must be pressed steadily until the round LED turns blue, which will go off when the up (+) and down (-) buttons are held pressed for a few seconds. You can be sure that our emergency crews make it fast to your property and provide services. In addition, our staff is always here to provide advice, tips, and help over the phone, too. We know well that the tiniest problem with your garage door can put you in a terrible position. At best, you won't be able to open the door to get the car out but you can relax knowing that our teams never disregard small or big problems associated with garage systems.

On the contrary, we take every little issue with your overhead door very seriously. Some problems might only be slightly annoying but many others can put your safety in danger. It's good to know you can rely on our technicians, who understand your agony and make it fast to your house. Our work is characterized by thoroughness and it is always meticulous and exhaustive since our intention is to solve every single problem well. With our fast vans, great preparation, and the excellent organization of every single crew at our business, speed is guaranteed. It's also reassuring to know that we come to fix garage door parts and that's why our trucks are always fully prepared with tools and repair parts, which might possibly be needed if the damage is serious.

At the beginning of each working day, all we hope for is to make one more client happy. It is our goal to ensure the safety of our clients and this is accomplished only through excellent and immediate garage door service. Our teams can offer outstanding assistance regardless of the extent, nature, and complication of the problem. Our support can be in the form of actual repair services, consultation, and guidance. We like to protect our clients from falling into traps, taking wrong decisions, and investing in unsuitable garage doors and opener systems. For these reasons, we stand by their side whenever they decide to make substantial changes or have imminent need to replace parts.

Did you know that the smallest mistake with garage door repair parts can put you in trouble? The tiniest screw and bolt must be the perfect match for the bracket or hinge, the interconnected components, and the weight of the door. As a matter of fact, the weight of the panel will always determine what parts you need. It will determine their size and type. It's not peculiar that there are two types of springs and still there are variations among torsion springs and differentiations among extension garage door springs! Each spring system is designed to move doors of different weight and their characteristics must match the characteristics of the specific garage system.

Are you wondering:

  • Galvanized or oil tempered garage door springs? The former ones are shiny and won't get your garage dirty but the latter ones have more power since they are heated, cooled, and reheated and this procedure makes them extra strong and ideal for heavy applications.
  • Nylon or steel rollers? The selection always depends on the needs of your family and your garage door. The location of your house will also be a basic determinant in terms of the weather conditions. Nylon rollers are excellent as long as you don't use them for heavy duty doors. They are quiet but they won't last as long as steel ones, which have the disadvantage of being noisy. Since we have the experience to find solutions for our customers, we suggest steel rollers with many ball bearings which make them more silent.
  • Steel or glass doors? We support the personal taste and preferences of our clients as long as their choices are wise. A glass garage door will be excellent unless hurricanes visit your neighborhood often. In that case, you shouldn't even have windows installed let along glass panels. In such cases, we recommend strong steel doors with low gauge steel parts and many brackets supporting the tracks.

Furthermore, we are fascinated by garage doors as well. Their excellent looks, exceptional characteristics, strengths, and amazing opener systems intrigue us. Having a great interest for your own job is really great and we are delighted that our technicians are passionate about their work and absorbed by any new changes. Such an attitude is a huge plus to our resume. Our good knowledge of all types of doors, openers, and accessories allow us to offer great consultation and garage door repair services. Thanks to our knowhow we can recognize a problem by its symptoms. We can diagnose an issue before troubleshooting the system but we are still thorough.

Being meticulous is of mega importance in our work. It is practically an unwritten rule of our Garage Door Repair in Lakewood. It can make a difference to the outcome of our work and that's why we are always focused on what we do and how we do it. We give attention to the finest details, arrive with fully equipped trucks, and make sure the problem is solved. Some damages are repairable and some are not. Customers expect solutions from us and we give them the best ones and respect their trust in our expertise. When we are called to replace garage door rollers, we won't hesitate to suggest the replacement of the hinges if they are rusty or damaged. Our main intention is to save you money from future repair work and trouble.

Every part of your roll up or overhead door must be in top condition and also well maintained, adjusted, and lubricated. Parts must be installed with accuracy, tightened properly, and even cleaned occasionally.

  • Did you know that over concentrated debris in the tracks could prevent rollers from moving properly?  
  • Did you know that a dirty floor under the door might give false alarm to the sensors and the door will keep reversing?
  • Did you know that filthy panels might hide serious rust problems with the door?

Every single thing we do to improve the condition of the garage door and its surrounding area will be to your benefit. Our excellent and experienced installers will ensure that the door and every single component will be placed in the right position so that the door will move with perfect accuracy. Every inch counts and the wrong installation or improper maintenance could make the door noisy and possibly dangerous. When you trust the excellent crews of our Garage Door Repair in Lakewood, you can be sure that the job will be done perfectly.

Garage Door Repair Lakewood

We don't leave your house until we are perfectly sure that the current problem is resolved and the entire system operates with safety and precision. We adjust, repair, maintain, and replace parts with the greatest attention and always take into consideration the special requirements and concerns of our customers. With our expertise nothing escapes our attention and everything is done with meticulousness, fidelity, and dedication. You can expect nothing less from such expert professionals, who are distinguished for their excellence!

Galvanized Torsion Springs for Garage Doors

Most modern garage doors come directly with the hardware they require. You will discover that most manufacturers include galvanized torsion spring in the package. The torsion spring mechanism is typically preferred for residential units due to the smaller number of parts which it has compared to its extension spring counterpart. Furthermore, most torsion springs for residential use tend to have a very long useful life. The galvanized steel make is usually chosen over the oil tempered steel make for several reasons. Firstly, the zinc coating provides protection from rust and corrosion. Since there is no oil on the surface of the component, the installation is faster and cleaner. Additionally, there will be no residue left on the panels during the operation of the door when the coils are not covered with oil. Count on our garage door company to provide a full set of services for galvanized springs from installation to repair and replacement.

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