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The following answers will solve all your problems related to your garage doors. Simply put for everyone

My spring isn’t broken but seems to lack tension. Can something be done?

Our technicians in Lakewood can do something about the lack of tension in the springs. We can turn the spring a few times and rebalance the door in order to make sure the door works properly again.

Why is my garage door grinding?

One cause of the door grinding might be because of the door’s horizontal track. Chances are that the track may not be properly aligned or are already worn out. If it is the latter, the track needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Is it advisable to get a wooden garage door?

Wooden garage doors have their traditional charm and they are still effective. If you can properly maintain one, then it is fine. But if you want a garage door that requires less effort to maintain, then you might want to opt for a steel garage door.

I want a modern garage door, what are my options

You will be surprised to see numerous contemporary styles of garage doors. According to our garage door repair Lakewood specialists, clean and functional details are the common characteristics of modern doors, and they complement today’s home styles that depict sleek design.

Is it easy to align tracks?

Garage door track alignment is not an easy task mostly because tracks must be loosened up and placed at their exact original position. If they are farther away from the door or too close to the door, they will create problems. The door won't move properly and there is a risk of being jammed.

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