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Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage Door Opener RepairWhen the opener starts to perform poorly or stops working completely, there is a problem and it has to be resolved. Some of the common signs of trouble include misaligned or visibly damaged components, strange noises such as humming or buzzing and smell of something burnt. In order for the appropriate type of garage door opener repair to be provided, the cause of the problem is identified first. This is achieved through visual inspection, which can cover not only the electric operator but the door's hardware as well. Some components of the system such as the safety reversal mechanism and the safety sensors may have to be tested.

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Resetting of the opener's travel limits and force is done when these have not been properly adjusted. Rusty chain drive or screw drive is cleaned with a solvent, and then lubricated. In case of damaged or malfunctioning moving gear, capacitor, motor or circuit board, the component is repaired or replaced.


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